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Obscure Wine Company Logo

The logo for Obscure Wine Company was not chosen with lightness. There is deep meaning behind the wine stained enso symbol. In Zen Buddhism it symbolizes a circle of togetherness. It is traditionally drawn using only one brushstroke as a meditative practice in letting go of the mind & allowing the body to create, as the singular brushstroke allows for no modifications. While at first glance, the enso symbol appears no more than a misshapen circle, it symbolizes many things: the beauty in imperfection, the art of letting go of expectations, the circle of life, & connection. The enso is a manifestation of the artist at the moment of creation & the acceptance of our innermost self. It symbolizes strength, elegance, & one-mindedness.

The enso is a sacred representation of our true & innermost self; its creation is said to leave the artist fully exposed at that one particular moment in time. & through lessons of the impossibility of creating the perfect circle (sans mathematical calculations), we find this much to be true: that the very imperfections & contours that otherwise prevent a perfect circle from being created are exactly what makes the enso beautiful. This spiritual meaning is so powerfully oenologic combined with the climatic acronym -The El Niño-Southern Oscillation (a recurring climate pattern involving changes in the temperature of waters in the central and eastern tropical Pacific Ocean), the enso felt like the most perfect representation of my intentions with Obscure Wine Company.

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