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Owner & sommelier, Wellie, grew up in the hospitality industry with parents who owned restaurants since before she was born.  Serving others has been a part of her life literally from day one.

As her career progressed from serving in her parent’s restaurants to bartending, mixology, chef, sommelier, beverage director, general manager, director of operations, operating owner; she has worn all hats in the trade (including lots of dishwashing!) Finding her passion in gastronomy has lead her to Obscure Wine Company & Bliss Poignt Supper Club & Terroir Tours.

Wellie is a sommelier with credentials through the Court of Master Sommeliers America, Wine & Spirits Education Trust, 3iC Italian Wine Specialist, Certification in Winemaking & Viticulture from University of California, Davis.

With her knowledge, Wellie hopes to share her love of the beautiful wine regions & the hard working people that make the gorgeous wines we get to enjoy. Telling their personal stories of back-breaking work & devoted passion, one glass at a time.

Shades of Rose Wine

Poetic Justice

“My goal as a sommelier is to bring poetic justice to the quality wines/winemakers that are often overlooked for the bulk juice that floods our grocery stores & restaurants. Most big brands throw around marketing money bribing big chains & spend more effort on creating hype, than focusing on what’s in the bottle, which is ultimately what really matters, right? They treat wine as if they’re making Coca-Cola for consumers that “talk dry but drink sweet”. Now is the time for a change in the wine industry. Follow my journey as I bring virtuous winemakers to light.” -Wellie

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